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Davy’s Festival Rings (2013) by Collector’s Workshop

Davy's Festival Rings (2013) by Collector's Workshop

Davy's Festival Rings (2013) by Collector's Workshop

What a Pretty and Clever Effect!

This is one of the early Collector’s Workshop items that is often overlooked. You can still get it today and you should! When you see the price you will be even more excited to get one as it is great value too!

Briefly the effect is this: You show five brass napkin rings each with a different colored silk passing through. You take each brass ring and remove the silk and place it in a supplied blue bag. As you remove each silk you can clearly show the brass ring is empty and you assemble each ring together to form a tube. The tube remains in full view all the time. Then, you have a silk selected from the bag and this silk vanishes leaving just the other 4 silks. You now turn to the tube and push a wand or pen or similar and the chosen, vanished silk pops out from the end of the tube.

This is easy to do though the handling takes a little practice and nothing is added or taken away. You will be delighted with the way the gimiick works so well.

I really like this hidden gem and I think you will too.

Highly recommended

Source: Davy’s Festival Rings (2013)

Loaded Dice (Palisander) by Collector’s Workshop

Loaded Dice (Palisander) by Collector's Workshop

Loaded Dice (Palisander) by Collector's Workshop

Beautiful Box and Great Routine!

When George Robinson at Viking Magic puts his mind to it he produces beautiful and functional magic. This is a very wonderful little box that creates a miracle.

I remember having great fun with Tenyo’s Flash Dice when I was a kid. This box is so much more than that. Its not only very beautifully finished in Palisander wood, it has some very neat features that make it possible to do some things that seem impossible.

I can’t recommend this enough. The woodwork is exquisite and the routine by Alan Wakeling is huge.

Great Job George – more like this please!

Source: Loaded Dice (Palisander)

Coin Classic (2013) by Collector’s Workshop

Coin Classic (2013) by Collector's Workshop

Coin Classic (2013) by Collector's Workshop

Easy and Truly Mystifying

If you perform this correctly, the effect is about as magical as it gets. A small amount of practice will leave you with one of the finest effects from the Collector’s Workshop stable – without selling your home!

Quite simply, four coins audibly penetrate the bottom of the class and a card case one by one. Very sweet!

The new version built by Viking/CW and my good friend George Robinson is very precise and reliable and works cleanly every time.

Source: Coin Classic (2013)

Psychic Sword (2013) by Collector’s Workshop

Psychic Sword (2013) by Collector's Workshop

Psychic Sword (2013) by Collector's Workshop

A Beautiful Box and Routine!

This is the current Viking/CW version of this effect and is certainly better than the original. Although, it comes with a clean prediction of any card that the spectator chooses using the sword it has many other uses where a card box is required. It has a unique release mechanism for the transformation which means the box can be handled by the spectator before the transformation if so desired.

If you look at the original CW version of this box you’ll see how the knob on the lid has this big wide brass ring where the knob is, and on the newer version that does not exist. It’s this sort of attention to detail that makes George Robinson such a fine craftsman!

Also in this current version the sword now fits back in the box again, so you can carry the whole trick in the box and you have a reason for it since it stores the sword, cards, and prediction.

This is now a perfect and collectible Mental effect and I love it!

Source: Psychic Sword (2013)

Hemingway Lock by Collector’s Workshop

Hemingway Lock by Collector's Workshop

Hemingway Lock by Collector's Workshop

Great padlock. Quality and amazing effect

I love this lock and have performed it in every banquet show I’ve performed since I received it. This is a well made, heavy padlock that looks and feels great. The keys come with color collars for whatever presentation you like, however the colors can come off if you want to. With this lock the performer must open the lock, instead of the spectator. However the lock opens with a loud click and it’s large enough that everyone in an average sized audience can hear and see the lock opening.

Strongly recommended\

Source: Hemingway Lock